Q. How is your 3-minute automated express car safer for my car and less expensive than washing my car at home?

Hand-washing at home can leave scratches in your car’s paint. Research tests show that the average backyard hose is not able to supply enough water along with the detergent action to avoid damaging a car’s finish. The most harmful method of washing cars was found to be the special car wash brushes that hook on to a garden hose and are purchased from local hardware stores. The test also showed that techniques used at a professional car wash are virtually harmless to automotive finishes. The professional car wash is able to provide and use tremendous amounts of water along with specialized detergents and appropriate mechanical action from gentle cloth pads and curtains which the backyard hose and bucket hand is not able to supply. Getting a safe, shiny car takes the latest technology. With the cost of water, your time, and detergents, why wash at home when you can receive a safe, quality, fast, and cost effective car wash at Bear 3-Minute Express Car Wash. Our washes start at $3. We don’t leave car wash quality to chance.

  • Our multistage advanced detergent application safely loosens road grime while interacting with painted surfaces to enhance shine.
  • Our gentle cloth and foam wash materials do not hold dirt, do not scratch, and work to bring out your car’s potential shine.
  • Our computer controlled automated wash equipment precisely coordinates detergent water pressure and cleaning motion for an optimal shine.

Q. Is this wash safe for my vehicle?

Definitely! No doubt about it. Bear 3-Minute Express Car Wash utilizes state-of-the art microfiber and neo-glide material on all wraps and mitters which does not trap dirt or grit. We use only the best, unsurpassed Ecolab chemicals to insure the best wash possible.

Q. Will the wash damage my antenna?

It is rare; however, the possibility exists in all automatic car washes if the antenna is not firmly secured in place. While the antenna may look secure, if it is slightly loose, the possibility exists that it may snap. It is suggested that you remove the antenna before entering the wash and power antennas should always be in the down position.

Q. Will my truck or van fit in your wash?

We can accommodate most every vehicle with the exception of any that would exceed 7’2”. We cannot accommodate duallys, and vehicles with lowered suspensions. Additionally, tire widths on any vehicle must not exceed 12 inches.