Bear 3-Minute Express Car Wash completely washes the exterior of your vehicle, including applying tire shine, without you ever having to leave your car and offers you an incredibly unparalleled car wash experience. While many traditional car washes require a substantial wait time, Bear 3-Minute Express Car Washes offer speed and efficiency, convenience, and superior customer service with every wash at a very affordable price! No full-service prices here!

Due to the latest state-of-the art car wash technology at our car washes, you will be amazed at the QUALITY of your wash. We offer a FREE HIGH-POWERED, UNLIMITED SELF-SERVE VACUUM with each wash, (24 spacious vacuum spaces) compliments of Bill and Betty Davis—owners. Why wash your car at home when you can wash for less, vacuum for free, save energy, and at the same time preserve the environment with environmentally friendly products. Our car washes are QUICK and EASY and allow the customer to stay in your vehicle during the entire automated car wash process! Our customer loyalty programs cannot be beat. We offer: UNLIMITED WASH CLUBS, GIFT CARDS, AND FLEET ACCOUNTS.

From the moment you pull up to our User-Friendly Touch Screen Auto Cashier, you will know we are not your average car wash because we will exceed your expectations for service, value, quality, professionalism, and innovation . Visit us today and “Experience the difference” at Bear 3-Minute Express Car Wash.

Address & Telephone

Bear 3-Minute Express Car Wash Delaware

1714 Pulaski Hwy
Bear, DE 19701
Tel: 302-365-5421

Hours of Operation
(weather permitting)

Mon-Sat: 7am-9pm
Sundays: 7am-8pm